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  • ARX++8+in++32+out+Active+Microphone-Line+Splitter++E++Electronically+Balanced

ARX 8 in 32 out Active Microphone-Line Splitter E Electronically Balanced

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8 in, 32 out Active Microphone/Line Splitter   'E' Electronically Balanced



  • Eight channel / four way split per channel
  • Channels linkable up to 1 in, 32 out
  • Ultra low noise design
  • 'SilentSwitch' Phantom Power switching
  • –20 dB pad switch
  • 0 to +40 dB Gain available via rear switches
  • Headphone monitoring and PFL metering
  • Electronically Balanced Inputs and Outputs (standard)
  • Transformer balanced Outputs option
  • Intuitive, 'user friendly' layout
  • Flawless audio performance

Superb Audio Quality
Active microphone and line signal splitting has a number of benefits over using passive splitters: primarily these are improved sound quality, noise figures comparable to the best microphone inputs, and increased resistance to RFI.

About the MSX 32
With these benefits in mind, the ARX MSX 32 Active Microphone/Line Splitter has been developed to deliver the performance required by the increasing complexity of today’s standards of audio production.


The MSX 32 consists of eight channels of actively buffered ultra low noise Microphone/Line Splitter.  Each of these channels has four electronically Balanced splits – two outputs on the rear panel for Main and Monitor, plus two more output splits on the front panel.  All splits have the option of transformer balancing if so specified.


Each channel has a –20 dB pad switch plus silently switchable 48V Phantom power with indicator LED. A PFL switch and 6 LED metering enables each channel to be easily checked with headphones for signal monitoring, and also for line tracing when troubleshooting.


Gain through the MSX 32 can be set individually by the small DIP switches on the rear of each channel, from 0dB through to +40 dB in 10 dB steps


A ‘Link’ switch links each channel to the previous one, providing an ultimate maximum of 32 Outputs from a single input. An indicator LED shows when this is active. A Clip LED indicates imminent signal overload through the channel, and a numbered marker panel on the front provides a space where individual channel connections can be noted.


Number stickers are provided to give each channel an individual number for up to 40 channels when multiple MSX32s are being used.


Internally, powerful RF input filtering removes both common mode and differential interference at ultrasonic frequencies and above. High CMRR is achieved by the use of precision components throughout.


Advanced user options include internally jumper linking Inputs to Main outputs, and Ground lifting Output Pins 1 as required.


Internal Power Supply

The MSX 32’s internal toroidal transformer based power supply is triple shielded to get the maximum benefit from the ultra low noise design of the splitter circuitry.
An illuminated power switch on the front panel provides visual confirmation of AC power connection to the unit.
The headphone output and the 6 LED PFL metering are both mounted on the right hand side of the front panel. Rear panel connectors enable this function to be linked when using multiple MSX 32 units.


To sum up, this feature packed two RU device is the answer wherever transparent signal buffering and routing is required.


You'll never compromise on Quality when you choose ARX



Signal / Noise Ratio
.008% 20Hz - 20KHz
Gain through unit
Switchable 0, +10, +20, +30, +40 dB
Maximum Output
Pad Switch
–20dB attenuation
Phantom Power
+48VDC slow turn on/turn off

Output Impedance
100 Ohms Electronically Balanced (Optional Transformer balancing available)
LED 1dB before clipping
Headphone Output
2 watts/8 ohms
AC Mains Input
Fused IEC socket

AC Power
100-120V AC 2 amp 220-240V AC 1 amp
Transformer Type
Low noise shielded toroidal
2 RU - 19”W x 3½”H x 8”D, 482 x 89 x 200 mm
Weight  'E' model
- 15 lbs (7 Kg)


Front Panel

A and B balanced XLR Output splits Channels 1 through 8. Pin 3–-, Pin 2 +, Pin 1 Ground
PFL (Pre Fade Listening) switch
48V Phantom Power switch and LED
Channel link switch and LED
–20dB pad switch and LED
Numbered marker panel for labelling individual channel assigns
Headphone level control and connector
6 LED PFL metering: -40, -12, -6, 0, +3 and +6dB
Illuminated AC power switch
Rack handles


Rear Panel

Balanced XLR Input Channels 1 through 8. Pin 3 –, Pin 2 +, Pin 1 Ground
Gain DIP switches: 0dB, +10, +20, +30, +40
Balanced XLR Main (FOH) Output (same wiring as Input) Channels 1 through 8
Balanced XLR Monitor Output (same wiring as Input) Channels 1 through 8
PFL Input and Output loop XLR connectors. Pin 3 –, Pin 2 +, Pin 1 Ground
IEC 3 pin AC connector and integral fuseholder. Replace fuse with correct value only: 100–120 V AC 5 amp, 220–240 V AC 3 amp.
Note: No connection to Audio ground on transformer balanced models (T/S and T/ALL)



MSX 32 E   Electronically Balanced All Outputs

MSX 32 T/S    Electronically Balanced Main and Monitor Outputs, Transformer Balanced Outputs Splits 1 and 2

MSX 32 T/ALL    Transformer Balanced All Outputs


Ashton Admor Pty Ltd
Ashton Admor Pty Ltd
Ashton Admor Pty Ltd