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  • T5+x+150cm+Incl.+Colour+and+End+Caps

T5 x 150cm Incl. Colour and End Caps

Lighting Accessories


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T5 x 150cm   Incl. Colour and End Caps


RoscoSleeves are clear polycarbonate tubes with the specified color filter inserted inside the sleeve.
Specify any of the more than 300 colours found in Rosco's popular Roscolux, Cinegel or E-Colour color filter lines.
For complete creativity, combination filters to create an endless pallet of custom colours.


T8 and T5 include a UV filter which allows less than 10% transmission below 390 nanometers.
This prevents premature color fading and protection from harmful UV rays.


Available in sizes for T12, T8 and T5 fluorescent lamps.


Standard lengths for 2', 4', 5' and 8' lamps.
Can easily be cut to custom lengths with scissors, or order as a custom length.


Each sleeve comes with two End Caps which fit snugly over the ends and will hold the lamps in place even if broken, preventing shattered glass from falling.


UL94HB rated Polycarbonate.
No minimum quantities required.
Not for use on HO or VHO lamps.


Product Numbers:
08401 2405    Roscosleeve* T5 x 24"   (609.6mm)
08401 2408    Roscosleeve* T8 x 24"
08401 2412    Roscosleeve* T12 x 24"
08401 3605    Roscosleeve* T5 x 36"   (914.4mm)
08401 3608    Roscosleeve* T8 x 36"
08401 3612    Roscosleeve* T12 x 36"
08401 4805    Roscosleeve* T5 x 48"   (1,219.2mm)
08401 4808    Roscosleeve* T8 x 48"
08401 4812    Roscosleeve* T12 x 48"
08401 6005    Roscosleeve* T5 x 60"   (1,524mm)
08401 6008    Roscosleeve* T8 x 60"
08401 9608    Roscosleeve* T8 x 96"   (2,438.4mm)
08401 9612    Roscosleeve* T12 x 96"



Ashton Admor Pty Ltd
Ashton Admor Pty Ltd
Ashton Admor Pty Ltd